Text messages… a good but bad idea

Sometimes I just freaking hate text messages. So when all of this texting came about I lived in Wiesbaden, Germany.  I had this little Nokia phone that was pre-paid through TKS in Germany and you would text a person once or twice because it was so expensive to have a Handy (cell phone) and you paid for text messages coming in and going out, but it was still cheaper than making a phone call. So back then it wasn’t so bad.

So fast forward about 6 or 7 years and now I have this freaking smart phone. So when I had a blackberry and droid, I thought… hey let me set my text message ringtone to my favorite song. WRONG ANSWER.. I would end up hating the song because my freaking friends would text me so much that  i was tired of hearing it. Now I have a new phone, an iPhone to be exact and i thought hmm this time around, I will just set it to a tone so I wont want to throw my phone across the room because of my text messaging tone.  So did that work you ask? Heck No! still wanna throw my phone. I think there should be rules to this text messaging stuff. So below I will list my text messaging rules:

1. If it takes more than 3 text messages for you to explain something.. call me.. I do not have time to be sitting here texting you all day.

2. I do not need you to text me good morning.. every freaking morning. 

3. Getting a text message during work hours that says “what are you doing?” .. Really its 10am… WTH do you think I’m doing

4. MASS TEXTING needs to be banned.. no seriously during the holidays. I wanted to cuss out all my friends and all their friends who replied to the mass text message. I mean you can see that its a freaking mass text why are you replying to it.. sigh…I even had a friend send a massage text message to 30 freaking people.. yes 30! 3-0.  that leads me to another idea.. I need for theses phone geniuses to have a leave text message feature like Facebook has a leave conversation feature for group messages. Make it happen… I know you can.

5. Speaking of facebook.. Do not text message me the same thing i saw on Facebook 10 minutes ago.. we are facebook friends you know

6. Get a Facebook page so i do not have to entertain you during the work day or receive your nothingless text messages. (yes i still have friends who refuse to get a facebook page.. they make me tired)

Well my list can go on and on. But I hope I am not alone. Just know that I don’t mind texting just within limits!

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